New Members

From the constitution:

10.3  Membership Applications

10.3.1    An application for membership shall be in writing, signed by the applicant, and shall be in such form and contain such requirements as the Board from time to time determines.

10.3.2    As soon as practicable after the receipt of an application for membership it shall be considered by the Board which shall determine whether to approve or reject the application. The Board shall not be required to give any reason for the rejection of an application provided that the Board shall not be entitled to reject any application for membership received from a member of an Association in accordance with the above provisions.

10.3.3    If the Board approves an application for membership the Secretary shall as soon as practicable notify the applicant of the approval and request the applicant to pay within 28 days after the receipt of the notification the sum (if any) payable under this Constitution by a member as entrance fee and annual subscription.

Categories of membership:

  • Ordinary Members who join by paying an annual membership fee. Currently the fee is $10 annually.
  • Sponsor Members who join by making a substantial contribution such that the Board designates them Sponsor status.
  • Honorary Member whose membership is  determined by ten bard based on their support of ten aims of the Foundation.
  • Honorary Life Member who membership is determined by the Board following nomination in writing.

Membership Application

An online membership application form will be available soon. At present for membership enquiries please use the Army Museum of Tasmania enquiry form here.